Aphasia and the Gavel Club

Black and white sketch of the members of the Gavel Club. About 20 people can be seen of different genders and sizes, standing and sitting in a big group, all looking at the camera.


At least $5 from the sale of each book (paperback or e-book) will go directly to support the 'More Than Words' Gavel Club in their great work helping people living with Aphasia. 

The Centre for Brain Research Gavel Club is called ‘More than Words’, and is designed for the improved communication, confidence and leadership development of adults with aphasia.

Aphasia is an impairment of language, which affects the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write. Aphasia usually results from a stroke, particularly in older individuals, however it can also be caused by traumatic brain injury or tumours.

Research on aphasia shows that talking skills can improve with practice, and the Gavel Club exists to provide an opportunity to practice in the company of others living with the same impairments.

In addition to improvements in speech, members build confidence, gain leadership skills, and form friendships. We have a number of research projects currently underway.

The Gavel Club is also attended by qualified speech-language therapists, Speech-Language Therapy postgraduate students, spouses of members, and volunteers from Toastmasters International. Enquiries from new members with aphasia are welcome with a speech-language therapist written referral. Referrals will be considered by the Gavel Club speech-language therapy team. If the person with aphasia is not currently receiving speech-language therapy services, please contact us via email.


If you are interested in joining, making a referral, or would like advice on setting up a gavel club in your area, please contact us.

We are always grateful for volunteer assistance during meetings, in the form of either communication support or by providing hospitality.

Phone: +64 09 923 6886 or +64 09 923 2726
Email: cbrgavelclub@auckland.ac.nz