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It's A Thing book

It's A Thing digital book (PDF)

It's A Thing digital book (PDF)

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*Physical copies of It's a Thing are currently available to pre-order. Digital copies should be delivered instantly by Shopify when you complete your order. Please contact us at if you're having troubles accessing your download!*


Thank you for supporting the  Centre for Brain Research "More than Words" Gavel Club for People with Aphasia. Please use this option to buy a digital copy of "It's A Thing". You will be directly emailed a PDF of "It's A Thing" following the book being published in September.

When Ian can’t think of the word he really wants to say, he says, “it’s a thing!”. This wonderfully illustrated book lets you into what it’s like to live with Aphasia -a disorder that affects speech and language abilities. For people with aphasia, their intelligence is unaffected but their ability to communicate is. Imagine going to sleep one night and waking up in a different country where you don’t speak the language! That’s a bit what it’s like. “It’s a Thing” invites the reader into Ian’s daily life trying to say the words he really wants to say.

Book includes Aphasia-friendly text appendix written by Speech Therapists from the University of Auckland.

At least $5 from the sale of each book (paperback and e-book) will go directly to the Gavel Club to help them continue their work supporting people living with Aphasia.



We ship across Aotearoa and internationally with tracking through NZ Post. We use recycled and recyclable packaging materials to take care of your book and Papa Tūānuku.

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Supporting the "More Than Words" Gavel Club

Every book purchase includes a donation to the mahi of the University of Auckland "More Than Words" Gavel Club for people with Aphasia. Your support helps people like Ian and Cathy to live with aphasia.